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Legendary Beth’s Cafe re-opens

On Tuesday, legendary late night/early morning greasy spoon Beth’s Cafe has emerged from the ashes of the pandemic, like a phoenix ready to gorge on a 12-egg omelet ($27.95 in this current eggless economy). Located on Aurora Avenue adjacent to Green Lake, Beth’s has gone through a well-documented and dramatic time over the past 3 years.

Per their Facebook page:

“Hey Everyone, Beth’s Cafe, the award winning and iconic restaurant featured on Man vs Food, Worlds Best Places to Pig Out, and other shows, has reopened!! Come see us for your favorite dish, same location, right on Aurora near Greenlake!!

We are open Wednesday through Friday from 7am to 3pm and Saturday and Sunday from 7am to 5pm to start. We have taken the time to switch things up and feature contactless orders and payment transactions for your added health safety. Thank you for all the love and support, we hope to see you soon!!

The Seattle Times has an excellent write-up on this as well.