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New neighborhood food event to debut this September: the Bite of PhinneyWood

Have you ever been jealous that so many other Seattle neighborhoods have annual food events while our restaurant-rich PhinneyWood has not? From the Great Wallingford Wurst Festival to Ballard SeafoodFest to the Plate of Nations, our region loves to focus on local, delicious cuisine. Agonize no longer because the Bite of PhinneyWood is set to debut on September 17th!

Event organizer Jenny Marquette of the PNA stated “We created this event to bring the community and our restaurants closer together and help people discover new favorites in the PhinneyWood neighborhood. Being able to connect with staff, understand the context behind what they do, and most of all try their food is the best outreach an eatery can have.”

Modeled after the legendary Taste of West Seattle and brought to you by our friends at Salmon Bay Community Lending, the goal of this event is to highlight 25 local restaurants and cafes and get their best bite of food into the mouths of attendees. Best of all, each of the 25 eateries will all be in one place: the upper parking lot of the Phinney Center. Your ticket gets you a bite from EVERY eatery – no need to buy extra bites or strategize who to prioritize.

Attendees will be able to converse with the staff and chefs of these restaurants to get a deeper understanding of the context that drives the menu. Did you know that Thaiku’s menu is composed of family recipes that originated in street stalls and have been passed down through generations? Or that La Conasupo Grocery has a taqueria in the back of the store? Plan to learn so much more about the deep and intricate food scene in our own neighborhood.  

There will be a beer garden on the east and south sides of the building hosted by the new Halcyon Brewing, who recently set up shop in the former Naked City space on Greenwood. Music will be provided by our hyperlocal radio station, KBFG.

Ticket sales are limited to 500, and if you buy yours before September 2nd you will be entered in a drawing to win an array of gift cards from participating restaurants.


Plenty of fun volunteer opportunities are available as well, with day-of workers getting free admission to the event: Bite Volunteer Page.