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Garden gnomes stolen from Greenwood residence

A local resident is asking for the community’s help in locating dozens of garden gnomes that have gone missing. Until this Monday, a collection of more than 50 garden gnomes of all shapes and sizes have been on display in a front raised bed garden since last Halloween when they debuted as a gnome-themed yard of horrors.

Many folks in the neighborhood would remark how much the collection continued to brighten their days: “the little bit of happiness and Seattle weirdness I could provide made me feel better during the pandemic and seemed to make others feel good too,” remarked the homeowner.

“This afternoon I returned home after being out and saw that most of the collection had been taken leaving only a few behind. I’m assuming they were stolen overnight but I didn’t see them first thing in the morning because I had parked behind the house. Can you help me put the word out? I hate that this is missing and takes a little piece of happiness from me and our neighborhood.”

If you have any knowledge of the gnome’s whereabouts or any pertinent tips, please email them to [email protected] Thank you!