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June Phinneywood Housing Market Snapshot

This is a monthly contribution to the Blog by local realtor Doron Weisbarth

The real estate market in our PhinneyWood neighborhood is still running strong! While Seattle as a whole had seen a slight increase in inventory levels, our neighborhood had not seen such change. The combination of features that our neighborhood offers – accessibility, schools, parks, spacious homes and yards, etc. – keep our area in high demand. So much so, that too few people are selling. 

This is not to say that the slowdown in the market (or, really, a normalization of the market…) are not going to affect us. But buyers who seek homes specifically in our neighborhood tend to be very particular on the location, and therefore tend to be more motivated, especially when a good home hits the market, and therefore are willing to pay a premium for the location.  

If the sunshine stays around long enough to warm us all up, we might see the buyer’s mood improve throughout the market. In the meantime, while buyers are encountering fewer competitors, sellers are still getting great prices for their homes.  

To see the full report, visit PhinneyWoodHomes.com 

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