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Greenwood Pencil Box Hosts “The Featured Artist Project” and Artist’s Showcase

The Featured Artist project is a new endeavor that allows the Greenwood Pencil Box to host work from local artists for a 6 week period, at their store. By reinforcing their mission of becoming a vital part of the Greenwood community, the Pencil Box hopes to support our artists by providing a worthwhile opportunity, and connect new individuals to their work and our programs.

While artwork is kept on display for the duration of the 6 weeks, on the 2nd Friday of the 2nd month of their display, there will be an evening showcase for the artist and community to connect, view additional work, and purchase original art. The artist chosen for our maiden voyage during March and April is Sydney Angi.

Sydney’s showcase will be hosted on Friday, April 8th from 5pm to 8pm, at Greenwood Pencil Box, 8414 Greenwood Ave N. Thanks to a generous donation from a local brewery, free beer and wine will be available during your visit, while supplies last. This event is all ages, but keep in mind that art is about expression and may contain adult or controversial themes.

Supporting the arts community just got easier, with a night of fun, creativity and the celebration of art and our value to one another! In the spirit of celebrating art, the Pencil Box will have a 15% discount on all of our graphic apparel and posters created by the youth artists of Sanctuary Art Center.  Masks will be optional.