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Teen girl’s group for social-emotional learning forming for spring

Rachel Cernick, a local wilderness rites of passage guide and mentor from the Wilderness Awareness School, is offering a teen girl’s group that will meet from April 20th – June 15th on Wednesdays at Carkeek Park from 3:30-6:30pm.

Rachel will be offering social/emotional learning-based tools, emotional-regulation techniques and self-confidence building through dance/movement, circle and communication practice, vocal expression, art, nature connection and more. A place to come create, express and be heard in a non-judgmental space. 

Per Rachel: “The intensity of feelings, the immense pressures for success and fitting in make teenage life so hard. “People often look at me in wonder when I say I work with teenagers because they are so ‘challenging.’ I believe they need healthier outlets and mentors. I am striving to be that.”

Rachel was raised with 5 older brothers and was diagnosed with ADHD in her late 20s, both of which are big foundations for her passion in supporting creative expression as a positive outlet for teen girls. Her background is in PR/Communications from Gonzaga University, as well as in creative dance, music and art of many mediums. She is in ongoing study of women’s health, human development and healthy, effective feeling-based communication, which she weaves into all of her work.

Being 31 years old, she finds that she is in a sweet spot for meeting teenage girls in their aliveness while also providing them with access to skills and tools that allow for self-expression and positive meaning-making. She believes strongly in letting teen girls explore and express creatively as a source of growing more strongly into empowered and confident young adulthood. The group will gather together to share stories and listen in circle, play, move our bodies, make and create art, do nature projects and learn critical tools for navigating the emotional landscape.

If you are interested or have questions, please contact Rachel at [email protected]