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Looking for a way to help people in Ukraine? Local business launches project to help vulnerable children

David, Maya, and Michael

Greenwood jeweler and philanthropist Jamie Jockwig of Baraka Gems has launched a new project that he is inviting our community to come together to make a difference with. Jamie already created a non-profit called A Ring of Hope that has a mission to “surround vulnerable youth with the support structures necessary to pave the way for a self-sustainable future,” and their newest project is centered around a personal connection with Ukraine:

Since the day the war broke out in Ukraine, I (Jamie) have been in contact morning and night with Maya, a Ukrainian single mother of two boys (David-4yrs/Michael-2yrs), who were all living in Kyiv. Maya worked for a Ukrainian company that Baraka Gems recently began purchasing our beautiful new jewelry boxes from. On February 17th, Maya and I were celebrating Baraka’s sale of our first ring box. Exactly one week later, our conversation turned to Russian troop movement on Ukrainian soil and backyard explosions. Like most people in the world…Maya never saw this coming. 

A Ring of Hope has officially launched the Children of Ukraine Relief Fund to first support Maya and her family, and depending on the funding level, will expand to assist other vulnerable Ukrainian children in the future. You can read more about Maya, her children, and their status here.

Want to make a difference while so far away from the horrors of this war?

Make a tax-deductible donation of any size online here today

Alternately, checks can be made out to A Ring of Hope and sent to

A Ring of Hope 
7511 Greenwood Ave N, #923
Seattle WA 98103 

Please do not stop by the store to donate as they are appointment only, but feel free to reach out with any questions to Jamie at [email protected].

Thank you!