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Don’t throw away that broken gadget – bring it down to Greenwood’s Electronico Repairs to give it new life

Have you been looking forlornly at your broken Segway, cursing your glitchy laptop audio, or glaring at your cracked Ipad screen? Good news for those situations and so many more – Phinney-Greenwood now has our own electronics repair shop in Electronico Repairs.

Situated on the Northeast corner of 70th and Greenwood and adjacent to Rub-a-Dub Dog, they are passionate about repairs and refurbishment. Electronico is not your normal repair shop, and their mission is to breathe new life into damaged electronics and to give older electronics a second chance at life.

Electronico specializes in repairs for all kinds of electronics from common Apple products (iPhone, iPad, Macbook and more) to Android devices and beyond. They do repairs on headphones, laptops, desktops, gaming machines, watches and, yes, even Segways.

In addition to their core repair services, Amanda and Ivan also work with folks on other aspects of responsible electronics ownership, like recycling and refurbishments. They sell refurbished electronics (Beats headphones, Sony speakers, Apple products and more) as well as all types of electronics accessories. Electonico also prides itself on excellent vendor relationships, and if you are looking for a repair they can’t do in-shop, they will connect you with who can. If you are interested in a desktop upgrade or computer build, they can help source the parts and assemble the build.

Electronico’s mission is to extend the life of electronics, facilitate responsible relationships with our electronics devices for the greenest community possible, and to work with folks to meet their needs based on their priorities and budget. Drop by or call if you have some problems that need solutions!

Electronico Repairs
7000 Greenwood Ave N
(206) 687-7026
[email protected]
Monday – Friday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
closed on Saturday and Sunday