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Maker Trunk Show featuring artists in the LGBTQ, BIPOC, and female-run business communities this Saturday

Aide-mémoire, our local handcrafted, ethical and environmentally conscious fine jewelry shop at 7003 3rd Ave NW, is hosting a local Artist or Maker every second Saturday of the month. Aran Galligan, Aide-mémoire’s founder, began the trunk show in fall of 2021 to celebrate local Makers and the independent spirit. As an extension of their values, the Trunk Show Series supports Makers and Artists in the LGBTQ, BIPOC, and female-run business communities.

This Saturday, February 12th from12pm – 4pm features Malia Peoples of Melted Porcelain (pictured above). From the artist:“As a Native Hawaiian growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I’m keenly aware of our need for light. I’m constantly exploring ways to subvert the excessively gray seasons by creating colorful, uplifting porcelain jewelry. Radiant, hand-painted gold details are added to each of my pieces to create a brilliant shine.”

Participation is free for the Artist, and they retain 100% of their trunk show sales.