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SDOT seeking neighbors to maintain new 1st Ave Healthy Street planters

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) announced in October that it will start work on upgrades to the new and permanent 1st Avenue NW Neighborhood Greenway, the first set of improvements made to Seattle’s Stay Healthy Street network. 

Healthy Street intersections will use planters to hold official signs, and SDOT is seeking residents who are interested in maintaining them. Maintenance may include weeding, pruning, filling the 50-gallon water reservoir, and replanting, etc.  

Adopt a planter today: A signed maintenance agreement will need to be submitted to SDOT by February 25th by interested community members. Interested neighbors should email [email protected] or visit the website to learn more email. You can also email [email protected] for a copy, or download your own by scanning the QR code below. Applications may be left at the front desk of the PNA or at the home of G-PARE (Greenwood-Phinney Anti-Racism Efforts) volunteer Heather Kelly (100 NW 79th St. across from St. John’s).

Art and education: G-PARE will coordinate with BIPOC artists to transform the planters into colorful canvases with subtle wayfinding and/or education on anti-racism. 

Become a water donor: Live along 1st? Want to pitch in, but can’t commit to adopting a planter? Or perhaps you already have a garden? Consider volunteering as a water donor for an adopter who lives farther away and email [email protected] to sign up.