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Luna Azul reopening within the next week, fundraiser hits 2/3 mark

Beloved and family-owned Latin American restaurant Luna Azul, closed since late December because of an unexpected roof failure, is set to re-open within the next week. Owner Angelica Orduna confirmed that the roof has been repaired and, while they are hoping for this Friday, in all likelihood they will reopen next Monday the 14th.

Being closed for business for more than 6 weeks created a perilous situation for the restaurant, with tax liabilities, bills, and employees all needing attention. However, the local fundraising efforts have been overwhelmingly positive and generous. With donations ranging from $10 to $1000, the GoFundMe has recently crested $16,000 and is nearing the goal of $25,000. Additionally, Ken’s Market has been collecting donations at the checkout stands for several weeks and hopes to add to the total and safely get Luna Azul back up and operating.

Our community should be proud of the response to this disaster and in helping a small local business stay on its feet. However, there is still more work to do! Help get Luna Azul to the finish line and donate what you can:


Lastly – for all of you who follow this kind of thing – this fundraiser was tweeted by local rapper and social media influencer Jay Park – thanks, Jay!