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Space available for individuals seeking a beautiful, Covid-safe space for work or play

Are you a teacher, techie, dancer, dance therapist, artist, psychotherapist, bodyworker, film maker, Feldenkrais practitioner, or anyone wanting personal or work space? Just down the hill toward Ballard is a beautiful and Covid-safe space for your individual, private or semi-private work, meetings or play: Soma Yoga & Dance Studio at 1423 NW 70th Street, next to Delancey and Essex.

Studio owner Jean Hindle is committed to keeping the space very Covid-safe for everyone by keeping the numbers in the studio very low – no more than 4 people at a time in studio, and all need to be fully vaccinated. The studio has a very big window in back which opens and another window up front which gives great cross breeze (and a big front door to the outside). There is also a powerful air purifier and cleanings with hydrogen peroxide instead of bleach.  The studio is 750sf which gives great room to be very socially distanced. And of course, there is great food in the sweet neighborhood.

If you know of anyone looking for a beautiful, safe space with lots of fresh air possibility for their private or semi-private work or play, please share. Also present is a screen and a good webcam for those who may want to do virtual work.  If you want to have space for your online teaching, you may have two in person students if you would like. The rental price is $25/hr for personal or rehearsal time with a price break if over two hours at a time. $32/hr for work time, which goes down if you are renting monthly full days and half days.

Interested or have questions? Please contact Jean at [email protected].