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Kickstarter to help Ben’s Bread open in Phinney Ridge seeking community support

As reported here in June, award-winning baker Ben Campbell and his business partner and wife Megan Campbell have announced their first brick and mortar location will open in Seattle’s Phinney Ridge neighborhood in the Shared Roof project at 70th and Greenwood. Ben’s Bread is for their naturally-leavened sourdough breads and they specialize in baked items prepared in small batches from locally-grown and milled grains. Here are some exerpts from the Kickstarter:

We’re Ben and Megan Campbell, the husband-and-wife and business partners behind Ben’s Bread®, and soon-to-be Ben’s Bread Co.! We’re a small, family-run community supported bakery (CSB) in Seattle, WA. We currently operate as a monthly-ish pop-up and small-scale wholesale bakery and focus on naturally-leavened sourdough breads and other baked items, prepared in small batches from locally-grown and milled grains. After hosting our pop-ups for six years (gasp!) we’re finally ready to make Ben’s Bread our full-time gig, but we need your help getting us across the finish line.

Ben’s Bread view from the front door on 70th. The front counter will be stocked with pastries and grab and go items, the back shelves will feature loaves for sale, and to the left is our baker’s prep table and peekaboo views of their bread oven and kitchen.

It takes a lot of planning, people-power…and money. We will be bringing in everything – and we mean everything – that is needed to run our business: said floors, walls, counters, equipment, flour, pans, packaging, people! We’re very excited to hire great people and pay them a fantastic living wage with amazing benefits because does anyone deserve less? We just found out that our construction is scheduled to begin in late November – delayed again! – which means we’re eyeing a late-winter or early-spring opening. 

You can view their Kickstarter and pledge support at any level here.