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Phinney Ridge Community Council virtual meeting tomorrow

The Phinney Ridge Community Council (PRCC) is a volunteer, not-for-profit organization that tracks issues such as public safety, transportation, transit, land use, zoning, city budget priorities, capital improvements, parks, open space use and other civic issues.

This month’s agenda will focus on:

  • Development projects in the neighborhood, including 6718 Greenwood and an affordable housing project along Aurora across from Woodland Park.
  • Updates on events at Green Lake will also be presented by people who have been working to improve conditions. Also, West Green Lake Way N opening with delineated multi modal lane pedestrians and bikes.
  • Public Safety efforts for our neighborhood, including a petition to clean up Greenlake and Compassion Seattle.

Zoom Meeting Information
Meeting Link

Meeting ID: 876 8309 0831
Passcode: 723637

When you join the meeting by clicking on the join meeting link below, you will first be entered into a waiting room. A greeter will soon let you into the meeting. Everyone except the speakers will be muted and unable to unmute themselves. If you have a question, use the Chat function at the bottom of your screen to type it to the Questions host, who will read it aloud during the Q&A period.