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New indoor tropical houseplant shop opens on Phinney Ridge

Just a couple blocks south of Teasome and Rudy’s Barbershop on Phinney Avenue, a sweet new plant shop has appeared in our neighborhood. Nightshade Botanicals is nestled behind a craftsman house at 400 N. 63rd Street, and this shop that specializes in tropical indoor houseplants is the brainchild of teacher-by-day Julianne Duncan.

Nightshade Botanicals started selling plants online in January of this year, offering local delivery and shipping nationwide. Julianne took the opportunity to open a physical storefront in Phinney Ridge in June, and endeavors “help the people of Seattle benefit from the therapeutic nature of plant care the way I have.”

Nightshade Botanicals provides plants for everyone from beginners just starting out, to the serious collectors that need a source for rare plants. Their sweet shop offers indoor plant design and plant care consultations, locally sourced plant-themed merchandise and art, handmade pots, hanging accessories, and crafted soils.

They currently are open Friday through Sunday. Next time you’re needing a pick-me-up for your house, gift for a friend, or just want to be surrounded by greenery, plan a trip there.

Nightshade Botanicals
400 N 63rd St.

Friday: 3:30PM-7:00PM
Saturday: 12PM-6:30PM
Sunday: 12PM-4:00PM
M-Th: Closed