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Whittier Kids program seeking to fill numerous teacher positions before school starts

Help us keep kids playing and learning: apply for an open position at Whittier Kids or share them with your network today! We’ve all seen the news about the staff shortages affecting many industries and the PNA is also struggling. Our Whittier Kids staff has done an AMAZING job keeping the doors open while maintaining high-quality children’s programming and filling a huge community need. However, if we are not able to staff up in the next few weeks, some Whittier Kids programs will be reduced this fall. We also need to build capacity and support our current staff with volunteers.

Open teaching positions at Whittier Kids

Whittier Kids Preschool is a mixed-age, play-based, community preschool program at Whittier Elementary for 3-5 year olds. We use play as a natural teaching tool to make learning fun and relevant for our community of young learners.

Whittier Kids School Age Program offers before and after school childcare on site at Whittier Elementary. Through child-centered experiential learning and play, we bolster education, promote new ways of learning, and allow kids to develop social skills in a safe environment.

If you’re not interested in applying, we’d love your help spreading the word about our open positions or volunteering. Please email [email protected]  to learn more or express interest today.