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Greenwood Windermere office commissions massive new Henry mural to brighten public alleyway

Seattleites should be quite familiar with the quirky and wonderful artwork of Ryan “Henry” Ward, who has been described as “Seattle’s most prolific muralist.” Publicly active as an artist only since 2008, by the close of 2014, he had painted over 180 murals on surfaces such as buildings exteriors, school interiors, garages, and even vehicles, primarily in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. His landscapes of various animals (some real, many imagined) are simply signed “Henry”.

Earlier this year, Pete Richmond (Managing Broker and Owner of the Windermere Greenwood office) and local agent Dave Hynden were sitting in the office which looks out over the parking lot and to the back of the businesses that are at 85th and Greenwood. They noted that for the last 5 years, the back of the buildings of those businesses get “tagged” quite a bit by vandals, and the business owners and Windermere have been discouraged with the trashy look from the parking lot and alley.  Pete and Dave thought a mural would be fun and possibly keep the vandals at bay.

The two immediately thought of Henry and wondered if he would sketch in all of his characters, and then the Windermere agents could do a “paint by numbers” for their upcoming Community Service Day project. Windermere reached out to Ward to see if he would be interested in the project.  Without any hesitation, Ward loved the idea and signed on.    

Chris Robinson is in charge of the Bureau of Fearless Ideas, and Chris was beyond thrilled to hear that Ward would be painting a mural on the back of their business. BFI has after school programs for kids who learn to write and draw creatively, and this mural will allow them to sit in front of the mural and be inspired in their ventures. It also turns out that Ward has his latest children’s book coming out and needed to place for his book release, and will now be having his book release at the Bureau of Fearless Ideas in July.  

Make some time next time you’re in the neighborhood to come and view this amazing community transformation and enjoy one of “Henry’s” largest murals.