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Tickets now available for Spring fundraiser: Zoom Away with the PNA

Mark your calendars and pack your bags, it’s time to take a (virtual) vacation on Saturday, May 8 from 6-7 pm via Zoom. The PNA’s annual neighborhood party will be a fun evening awaiting you with familiar faces, prizes, and a chance to see the PNA’s mission in action.

It wouldn’t be a PNA party without a theme and costumes, so set your Zoom background to a place you’ve been dreaming of and dress up for your adventure. We will also explore some of the gems hidden in our own backyard. It’s free to join the trip – you’ll have the opportunity to support the PNA along the way if you’re so inspired. You can reserve you ticket here.

Enjoying local culinary delights is one of the best parts of traveling! Lucky for you, the PNA is partnering with restaurants inspired by destinations near and far. Support PhinneyWood businesses and the PNA by ordering special take-out to enjoy during the event. See the list of restaurants and special meal packages here. Quantities are limited!

So, order a delicious meal, get those travel outfits and Zoom backgrounds ready, and RSVP for a delightful hour-long opportunity to support the PNA’s important work for the community.