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Build Your Own Worm Composting Bin this Saturday

Vermicomposting at home is one of the easiest ways for a person to divert organic waste from landfills while at the same time creating a nutrient-rich soil amendment for your home garden. Learn how to build your own 3 tray worm composting bin while enjoying the outdoors and meeting your neighbors.

Taught by Tom Scott of Fremont Occasional Woodworks & Bill Fenimore, this will be held in the Phinney Center Lower Parking Lot outside the brick building. Since the class will be conducted outside to ensure safety, please remember to dress for the weather and also wear a mask. Bill and Scott want you to know this is a “no skills necessary” type of class.

Hosted by the PNA Community Woodshop
Cost: $75 per person (all supplies to build the bin are included; proceeds support the PNA)
Saturday March 27, 9am – 2pm
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