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Center for Spiritual Living minister marks one year of nightly comforting phone calls to community

For an entire year, Rev. Dr. Kathianne Lewis, Senior Minister and Spiritual Director at Center for Spiritual Living Seattle has been conducting nightly calls she dubs, “Thoughts to Sleep On,” to sooth hundreds of souls before they go to sleep each night.  

Kathianne Lewis, DD, Senior Minister and Spiritual Director at Center for Spiritual Living Seattle has been devotedly calling hundreds of people every night for the past year since the beginning of the COVID 19 global pandemic shutdown.

Lewis started making calls March 23, 2020 to offer comfort, support, love, and inspiration to CSL Seattle members for what she thought would be just a few weeks at the beginning of the pandemic shut down.

As the pandemic got worse, and unrest in the nation increased to include the murder of George Floyd and the ensuing protests; the state of the economy; the division of parties leading up to, and after, the presidential election, and as the deaths from COVID 19 rose to higher heights, Lewis continued calling, without fail, and the number of those hungry to receive the comforting calls, a much needed kind of virtual hug, grew and grew.

A year later, over 500 people, CSL members, those in the community, and locations beyond, receive Thoughts to Sleep On calls nightly from this dynamic, inspiring, loving, and witty spiritual teacher.

“We feel so blessing to have you in our lives. We know during these dark times for so many, you are a beacon of light, love, and hope. Your nightly calls thoughts have been a lovely addition to your powerful weekly services that anchor our lives.” – The S. Family, CSL Seattle Congregants

This loving gift of “spiritual but not religious” messages to ease minds as they drift off to sleep is open to anyone. Email [email protected] or call 206-527-8801 with your name and phone number.

Known worldwide as a Spiritual Leader, Master Teacher, and Luminary, Rev. Dr. Kathianne Lewis draws from the ancient wisdom of faith traditions around the world, yet always makes the Universal Spiritual Principles she presents applicable to human needs and aspirations.

Having been a spiritual seeker for most of her life, Rev. Kathianne offers practical spiritual tools for use in an often-complex world. As a leading scholar in New Thought philosophy and Spiritual Director and Senior Minister at the Center for Spiritual Living Seattle for over 30 years, she has inspired and served countless numbers of people—whose lives, she hopes, have been changed for the better by practicing spiritual principles.

Now celebrating its 100th year, Center for Spiritual Living Seattle is a welcoming, inclusive community, honoring all paths to the Divine, teaching universal spiritual principles and practices that inspire and empower.

For more information contact: Rachel Sofferin, Marketing Manager
[email protected] 206-527-8801 ex 5113

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OneDrive File with Nightly Calls Records and images: https://spiritualliving-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/g/personal/rachels_spiritualliving_org/EsRsckyTVi5Ht3Qzg5Vm3B4Bd59LPmOftuAjnTrL4kh8-w?e=mbXfJk