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Yonder Bar forced to close by this Monday

As covered by the My Ballard blog, the unique and woman-owned Greenwood neighborhood business Yonder Bar is being forced to close by the City due to complaints from surrounding households. Yonder Bar opened last August out of a garage on 1st Ave NW’s new Stay Healthy Street, quickly gaining an appreciative neighborhood following.

“While we’ve been working hard to launch a brand, survive a pandemic, build a community and have some fun, one person has made it their mission to close Yonder Bar down,” the owners shared on their website.

We know Yonder Bar is different, but so are the times we live in. We’ve tried working and pleading with the City to no avail, so are forced to shift gears. We don’t quite know what that shift looks like yet, but what we do know is that soon, we’ll come back bigger, better and stronger than ever. If you know the team, you know we NEVER give up and always have something up our sleeve. 

While we figure out what our next step is, we encourage you to come visit Yonder Bar in all its garage bar glory. We’ll be here Wed-Sun this week and next, with some big releases, special announcements and plenty of air high fives to go around.

So stay tuned, and in the meantime, sign up for our newsletter, and we encourage you to sign the letter of support we’ve put together, and help #saveyonderbar

Photo of owner Caitlin Braam by Karla Rava