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Have you enjoyed the 1st Ave NW Stay Healthy Street? Learn how to make them permanent on Tuesday

On Tuesday January 12, the Greenwood Community Council will be holding a community Zoom meeting regarding the Stay Healthy Street Program. SDOT will be presenting, answering questions and taking your comments about making the 1st Ave NW Greenway permanent, and about the program in general.  Below is a summary of what the SDOT representatives will present:

In April 2020, SDOT responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by upgrading 26 miles of Neighborhood Greenways to Stay Healthy Streets throughout the city as a pilot program to allow for socially distanced transportation, recreation, and socialization. Mayor Durkan has since committed to making 20 miles of Stay Healthy Streets permanent.  After evaluating the pilot locations, Greenwood Stay Healthy Street – along 1st Ave NW – was identified as the most promising route to be made permanent in Northwest Seattle.  We are looking for community input regarding any concerns with the current operation, what types of durable materials you prefer, and how to enhance the street to better reflect the local community.

SDOT spoke to the GCC several months ago when the program was new. At that time most on the call were supportive, but there were a few trouble spots identified. If you are affected by the 1st Avenue NW Greenway in any way, please contact GCC at this email address so they can figure out how to address your concerns at the meeting or through a separate problem-solving session. 

Tuesday January 12, 7:00-8:30 pm
To join the Zoom meeting, click here