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City Cycle issues heartfelt thanks to community for support through the pandemic

Lauren Perry, who founded City Cycle in 2017 in the Janus Apartment building across from Fred Meyer, might feel more than ever that she has been working hard and going nowhere. With a fitness program that specializes in rewarding labor and sweat while staying in place, they have created an apt – if not above average – 2020 metaphor for so many businesses in our community.

While we in the Phinney-Greenwood community should feel proud of the commitment we have made to shepherding our small businesses through the disaster that has befallen them, Lauren recently sent out a missive to her members that embodies what so many are felling and experiencing:

The last day of 2020… wow, we made it.

First thing is first, I need to say thank you. City Cycle wouldn’t have survived this year without the support from our community – read that again. There wasn’t a single IG post, a single sweatshirt purchased, or single email of encouraging words that went unnoticed during these past 8 months.

Some riders left their memberships active throughout our closures. Some purchased packages they knew they wouldn’t be able to use for months. Some purchased gift cards, bikes rentals, water bottles the list goes on and on. The amount of support was overwhelming and for that we are so grateful.

This has been a year that has tested everyone around the world. Some days made me cry, some days made me grateful and some days I deeply struggled. Looking back on the entire year, I can say that I learned so much. Some of these lessons learned would’ve never been brought to my attention if it weren’t for COVID. My entire vision for what this brand is has changed.

I have always seen City Cycle as a fitness space that thrived off of inclusivity. I now see City Cycle as a community that inspires one another other to grow, to connect and to challenge one another on and off the bike. This year I have been more inspired by this community off the bike than on. I have grown so much without ever stepping onto the bike and to me, that is so powerful. This brand was built with bikes underneath us and this year has elevated us to stand on our own two feet and do some really amazing things.

I want to give a big shout out to my staff. I was blown away by their patience and camaraderie during these past 9 months. We challenged each other in new ways, we learned from one another and we grew stronger as a team. As much as it’s about the riders showing up to support the studio, we can’t operate without a staff that is willing to come back to work. Showing up to the studio maybe even before they were ready to, purely because they believe in the positivity we are creating.

OH HOW I MISS THOSE CLASSES. I find myself almost on the daily dreaming of packed classes with the volume all the way up pouring my heart out in sweat. I promise you, we will get back to that and when we do it will be better than ever. I truly believe the energy that is created in that studio is one of a kind. We will get it back and we will do it safely. While 2020 is over, I think some of the biggest battles are still ahead of us.

Thank you for growing with us. Thank you for being patient as we navigate running a business during a pandemic. Thank you for being there for us as a community. We can’t wait to hug, high five and yell with you in 2021.

In a year where so many things divided us, a year where everything pushed us apart, we came together. All the love, Lauren

We wish City Cycle and all of our Phinney Businesses the best 2021 they could all possibly imagine. To learn more about City Cycle and how to support them and your health, please visit their website.