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PhinneyWould? – What are your favorite non-profit organizations?

Photo courtesy of the Aurora Commons

Giving season is upon us and it’s a great time to consider supporting a non-profit organization if you are able. Many employers will also match your donations, and some even offer increased amounts around the holidays. Donating to a special cause on behalf of someone is also a great gift for those still struggling for ideas (and can be done on very short notice too). For those that could use some inspiration, let us know…

What are your favorite non-profit organizations? 

Many of us are impartial to the PNA of course, but there are many other great causes that could use assistance, this year especially. 

Send your responses to [email protected] and we will share our favorites soon along with your first name and last initial.

Anything you would like to see answered, shoot us an email at [email protected]!