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Plight of the Angry Beaver reaches front page of ESPN Hockey

Beloved Greenwood business The Angry Beaver, like most bars and restaurants during the pandemic, is facing a constant struggle to keep in the black amid rising rents, costs, taxes and the current State-imposed regulations.

A friend of the establishment – Seattle’s only hockey-themed bar and restaurant – started a GoFundMe to help owner Tim Pipes get through and ideally be open when our City’s new NHL Team debuts for the 2021-22 season.

Generous local residents and loving patrons brought that to over $14,000 of the $50,000 needed to get to solvency, and the ESPN story has pushed it closer to $20,000 in just a couple hours. A person moving to Seattle from St. Louis donated because he “hoped he doesn’t get too much flack for wearing his Blues jersey.”

Please consider helping out Tim and the Angry Beaver Family if you haven’t already – anything helps! Donate here.

The ESPN article by Greg Wyshynski is behind a paywall in its entirety, but here is an excerpt from it:

The Angry Beaver has endured a lot. Perhaps that’s why it’s so angry.

Billed as Seattle’s only hockey bar, the Angry Beaver has been operating in the Greenwood neighborhood since 2012. On busy nights, it looks like a hockey quilt: different fans in different jerseys, clustered together, watching their NHL teams, never having to ask for the games to be put on the TVs because they’d already be on when they walked into the Beaver.

It’s a bar that would open at 6 a.m. for World Juniors, and stayed open past 2 a.m. when Canada won Olympic gold in Sochi. It’s a memorabilia-packed, puck Mecca owner Tim Pipes calls “a beautiful bar that can smell like a jock strap by the end of the playoffs.”

It also exploded once. Then it was robbed, right down to the last bottle. That was before the COVID-19 pandemic forced it to close recently, throwing its future into question less than a year before this hockey bar was finally going to have an NHL team to call its own with the arrival of the Seattle Kraken.