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GloCone 2.0 Lighting: Online this Friday

COVID-19 can’t stop the GloCone and this year it should be better than ever. Since the original GloCone was hung in 2015, LED technology has advanced and this year the PNA is introducing GloCone 2.0—a taller, completely reworked GloCone with 3200 lighter, brighter, and completely programmable LEDs.

This year you can watch the lighting from your living room this Friday, Dec. 4th at 5 pm — check out a video that will be streamed on PNA’s Facebook page and YouTube channel, featuring a brief history of the old GloCone and an introduction to the new GloCone, and then watch as the GloCone is officially lit up and “performs” in sync with a holiday tune, as a kick-off to the neighborhood holiday decorations contest. Don’t forget the cookies and hot chocolate!