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Help needed to save a unique and beloved Greenwood business

Whether or not you are a hockey fan, know what the Seattle Kraken are, or someone who disavows the very concept of Poutine, there is something underway of concern to all of PhinneyWood. The Angry Beaver, Seattle’s only hockey-themed restaurant and bar, is struggling to get to the other side of this pandemic and needs your help.

What makes the Phinney-Greenwood business corridor the BEST district in the City is the unique businesses that inhabit the main strip and the back streets. From an aerial arts school, to a world-class Gelateria, to not one but TWO actual bookstores thriving in the Age of Amazon, having a bar dedicated to impassioned hockey fans is truly a blessing for a bustling and popular business district.

If you’ve ever wandered by the Angry Beaver during hockey playoffs, you will have seen dozens of gleeful and boisterous people cheering, being in (somewhat contentious) community, and supporting our local businesses. Owner Tim Pipes has created something that is beloved in normal times, but unable to reasonably pivot to pandemic times.

Tim has been through this before, as the Angry Beaver was one of the most impacted businesses from the 2016 Greenwood gas explosion. As he stated then, “I’ve fought way too hard for this bar and I’m not going down now.”

Please consider a gift of any size to their GoFundMe, sharing it on your social media, and reaching out personally to any hockey fans you have in your network to let them know about this effort. Good progress has been made toward their $50,000 goal to pay employees, rent and utilities while they are closed, and we want to keep the momentum going!