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PhinneyWould? – Responses – Halloween Costumes

Last week we asked you…

What are your fun and creative Halloween costume ideas this year?

We didn’t receive that many responses from you this go around. Maybe that was partially our fault based on how it was posted… or maybe you have lots of great surprises for us this year. One costume that I have seen getting a lot of traction this year is postal workers. Very honorable and timely, but not all that scary or funny, though maybe we’ll see some zombie postal carriers this year. Carole Baskin from Tiger King is also pretty popular in various versions, and Harley Quinn remains to be quite popular.  Here were a few of our favorites:

“Bubble Boy, that movie with Jake Gyllenhaal from about 20 years ago would make for a great and functional costume this year.” – Anna S.

“We are going as Pokémon. You can never go wrong with Pokémon, the kids still can’t get enough of it.” – Karen P.

“My teenage daughter somehow decided on Trinity from the Matrix, even though she’s never seen the movie and knows nothing about it” Chris M.

And of course you could be lazy and breakout your old Borat costume again this year. Very nice!

Love the responses! Keep them coming and be on the lookout for a new question next week!

Anything you would like to see answered, shoot us an email at [email protected]! Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com