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Bike collection for Climate and Social Justice this Saturday

Do you have a spare bike, bike parts, or accessories you aren’t using anymore? Help others who need transportation! This Saturday, Sept. 26, the Phinney Center is a donation drop-off location for the Bike Collection for Climate and Social Justice event, hosted by 350 Seattle and Bike Works Seattle.

Bikes provide pandemic-safe, low-cost, and climate-friendly transportation for essential workers and other people across Seattle. But right now, they’re in short supply; bike sales have soared, and many shops only have expensive bikes left. That’s why 350 Seattle is hosting a bike collection in collaboration with Bike Works.

Help get climate-friendly bicycle transportation available to those who need it!If you any spare bikes or bike parts/accessories, fill out this form to donate them, then drop off Saturday, Sept. 26 from 11 am to 2 pm at the PNA.