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PhinneyWould? – Responses – Tell Us About Your Summer

Last week we asked you…

What new activities and trips did you take this summer that were new for you and/or your family and how did they go?

Some of you didn’t enjoy your summers… and told us so in blunt fashion. This is understandable, and part of why we wanted to see what others have been doing and experiencing! Hopefully these inspire those of us that have been getting a bit stir crazy:

“It was different, that’s for sure. The best part has been the walking. Seeing people out walking, exploring every inch of the neighborhood. And the neighborhood sing-along on 1st. It’s not how I would have chosen to spend my summer, but I have enjoyed the change.” – Becky Y.

“My husband and I took a fun, geology-themed anniversary road trip to Eastern Washington. We visited the dry falls, the Grand Coulee Dam, and the Ginkgo Petrified Forest state park. Unsurprisingly, none of those interpretive centers were open, but we still got to see some spectacular views and vistas. The ultimate goal of the trip was to visit the Stonerose Interpretive Center in Republic, Washington and their dig-your-own fossil bed. As Burke Museum members, it was totally free too! After a few hours of digging, we had found several different fossils from the Eocene. It is so cool to break open a rock and see the imprint of a fly wing or a sassafras leaf that was alive 48 million years ago! It was also a good trip for a pandemic because for the most part we were in sparsely populated areas, where “social distancing” is kind of the default setting.” -Ariel B.

Love the responses! Keep them coming and be on the look out for a new question next week!

Anything you would like to see answered, shoot us an email at [email protected]!