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Our Businesses in the Time of Covid: Tim Swanson, Edward Jones

Tim Swanson joined the US Navy at age 24 and over the course of 12 years lived in all four corners of the country. As a Nuclear Engineer, he was stationed on a submarine and then later instructed fighter pilots at Top Gun.  While going to college from 2006-2010, Tim learned about investing and finance, something that he had always been interested in and started teaching people about investing online. Once he left the Navy, he became a licensed Financial Advisor, running an Edward Jones branch since 2018. Tim says, “I decided to make a career out of financial advising and education because I am devoted to helping people by making a positive impact, and I’ve always been great with numbers.”  

When Covid hit, Tim was super busy with clients, helping them with their investments. He’s also been busy assisting small business owners with various resources and now helping families manage the impact of many unfortunate layoffs and furloughs. Tim says, “While we are an essential business, we transitioned to working with all of our clients virtually for the time being to make sure everyone stays safe. We’re fortunate that almost everything we do with folks can be handled over the phone, email, Zoom web conferencing, and through the mail.”  

Tim with wife Anna-Marie and children Marius and Naomi

Tim’s branch is located in Northgate, but in the near future, he plans to move it closer to home, where he lives with his blended family in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood.

Recently, Tim launched a free virtual coffee chat. They are held the first Tuesday of each month at 11am via Zoom (upcoming talks are on 9/1 and 10/6). During the coffee chat, he gives updates on the market and investing world along with a brief financial education topic or tip that he feels is timely or relevant. The rest of the hour-long session is left for Q & A. 

Tim says, “It’s really important for me to be a resource for the community and I feel there’s tremendous value in having a space where anyone can come join, learn some great information, and have a forum to ask important questions about finances or the economy.” For some, this topic may be daunting or even difficult jargon to understand, but Tim tries to make it digestible and even fun. In the middle of each chat, he does a coffee mug competition, where everyone can show off their favorite mugs and a guest judge gets to pick a winner.

For more information visit www.edwardjones.com/tim-swanson and to register for the monthly coffee chat click here.

Photo Credit: Megan Warshaw