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Whole Life Yoga announces it will not be reopening

Editor’s Note: Whole Life Yoga is still offering online classes, which you can learn more about here.

Whole Life Yoga, a community-focused studio located at 8551 Greenwood Ave N for almost two decades, has announced it will not be reopening once the pandemic has subsided.

Owner Kim Tull-Esterbrook posted the following thoughts on their webpage:

“It is with a heart full of gratitude, hope and sadness that I announce to the Whole Life Yoga Community that we will not be reopening in our Greenwood home. The studio has been in that space for nearly 2 decades. I have personally been practicing and teaching there for over 10 years. During that time, the space, the community, the teachings have held me during many life transitions- both joyful and painful ones.”

The world is changing. We must change right along with it. It is my deepest hope that the struggles and pain happening in our world right now are in some ways a sign that we are collectively beginning to wake up. As we wake up to the wounds of our culture, the institutional as well as the personal, there will inevitably be pain and loss but the gifts on the other side will be worth the difficult transition through.

Whole Life Yoga will continue. We will continue to offer live online classes and work at building community and practice in this new format. While I do not know how everything will unfold, I plan to hold in person events and retreats once it is safe to do so.

I hope with all my heart that you continue to practice with us. I am working on some recorded content and have lots of ideas and inspirations that I hope can be a part of our new future together.

I hope to broadcast a closing ceremony, so we can honor the space together. Stay tuned for details.”