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Luso Food and Wine moving to Whidbey Island

Luso Food and Wine, which operated at 8218 Greenwood Ave. N since February of 2016, is moving to Langley on Whidbey Island next month.

After four years in White Center, owner Fatima Hemmons decided to move her shop to Greenwood 4 years ago and gained an appreciative neighborhood following – encapsulated in this cheeky review by The Stranger.

“It all came through suddenly,” Hemmons wrote to us via email. “I am happy for myself so I can relax a bit. I can walk or bicycle to the shop. Luso Seattle will be continue to provide by mail or delivery.”

Luso offers Portuguese food, olive oils, wines and beers, plus some Spanish wines and gift items. Food includes specialty cheeses, chourico (sausage), and bacalhau (salted cod).

“This is my passion,” Hemmons said of her restaurant upon moving to Greenwood. “I grew up in Goa, which was a Portuguese colony for 450 years. In my heart is my love for the Portuguese culture, the food, the music, family, to bring everybody together. Just hearing the language makes me happy.”