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Greenwood Car Show LIVE (and virtual) this Saturday

The Greenwood Car Show is going rollin’ and virtual this Saturday, June 27! Catch them at 2 pm cruisin’ down Greenwood Ave heading north from Woodland Park Zoo to the Greenwood Food Bank.

This is a fundraiser for the Greenwood community, so there will be a food drive and a raffle, and plenty of opportunities to make donations. Come out and support the neighborhood (properly distanced, of course) or watch the live stream from the comfort of home on their YouTube channel at (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAztA9WRTrDnHRlDUH2IFmQ)

Get the route map, raffle and food drive details, and sign-up info at greenwoodcarshow.com.

We’re so excited that the Car Show lives on this year!