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Sufferers of chronic pain rejoice: Pulse Pro Health re-opens in Greenwood

Pulse Pro Health, a wellness studio that offers PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy has moved from their Ballard location and re-opened in Greenwood. PEMF is an alternative therapy that creates a gentle, pulsing magnetic field that energizes unhealthy cells and purportedly stimulates the body’s ability to heal itself. PEMF has been shown to be effective at helping gain relief naturally from chronic pain and long term illnesses.

Pro Pulse Health’s new townhouse office on Greenwood Ave N. has dedicated the entire 1st floor to their PEMF studio. They will see just one client per session, so each client will have the whole studio and devices to themselves for their own private session. 

Founder and owner Trishann Couvillion shared some thoughts on re-opening after so many months. “After all that has happened in the last few months, it’s so great to be able to slowly get back to our ‘outside’ lives and begin to enjoy some of the things we always have. Focusing on wellness and the health of our bodies and minds is one of these that means the most. Since we now provide full cleaning and disinfecting of equipment before and after each client, you can rest assured you’re in good hands and a properly sanitized atmosphere so you can relax and enjoy your PEMF session.

We’re lucky in that our studio qualifies to open as part of Governor Inslee’s Modified Phase 1.5. We’ve obtained all our PPE gear and now provide a hand-sanitizing station at our entrance and a private restroom in the studio. We are happy to see clients who are looking to boost their immune systems, gain relief from chronic pain and injury, help in healing after surgery, and for those who want help with short or long-term illnesses. Our focus is helping your cellular system gain the electromagnetic field energy your body needs to boost your own health overall.”

All New Clients receive their first 2 full one-hour sessions for just $99 total.
Since PEMF is considered alternative wellness, they cannot take insurance. You can call (206) 271.6145 or book your appointments though thier website at pulseprohealth.com