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Second comment period opened for 79th and Greenwood project, due by Monday 6/15

UPDATE: Comment Period has been extended to 6/28

In the bevy of proposed projects that are slowly going through the pandemic-laden city function, there is a project that proposes to demolish several houses on the west side of Greenwood between 79th and 80th Street and replace them with a 6 story apartment complex.

These new apartments would abut the traffic-clogged St. John Catholic School on 79th, would have 72 units, and a total 8 off-street parking spaces. The buildings being demolished would be three craftsman-style homes at 7903, 7907 and 7911 Greenwood Ave N.

This project (3032858-LU) has opted to change from a full design review community meeting to an administrative design review due to Covid-19. If you have input on this project, this is the time to submit them. You can read the full project details here, and if you wish to comment, please submit them to [email protected] with reference 3032858-LU.