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Phinney Farmers Market announces it will not appear in 2020

In yet another blow to the fabric and joy of our community, the beloved Phinney Farmers Market announced it will not be convening in the Phinney Center Parking lot in 2020. The following announcement was released by the Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance:

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and need for social distancing, we are having to make decisions about how to manage the season ahead. We are deeply saddened to announce the beloved Phinney Farmers Market will not be returning this season. We know the demand for fresh food and food access is higher than ever and are committed to feeding all our market neighborhoods. Rest assured, we have focused all along on how to best support and strengthen our farmers during this time while providing critical food access to the City of Seattle.

The closure of farmers markets in Seattle, limits on vendor participation, and limited use of public space is taking an irreversible toll on our region’s farmers, the local food supply chain, the farmers markets and shoppers we serve. The Neighborhood Farmers Markets is taking action to make sure the connection between local farms and consumers remains strong.  

Given the limitations of our physical farmers markets, the Neighborhood Farmers Markets will be launching an online farmers market to get farm fresh produce from the market vendors to you! We know nothing can replace the experience of a Friday evening farmers market as a community gathering space, but we’re excited to expand the possibilities for connecting farmers and the Phinney community in this way. We’re grateful for our strong partnership with the PNA and we’re excited to serve the neighborhood in the coming months.

In the meantime, please visit our University District Farmers Market on Saturday at 9am-2pm or the West Seattle Farmers Markets at 10am-2pm. Many of your favorite vendors (and more) will be at both. As always, we can provide unlimited dollar-for-dollar matching of SNAP benefits at the manager booths.

Know that our market managers are working tirelessly to bring fresh food to Seattle and they are as disappointed as you are. They are in constant contact with our farmers and they feel deep ownership for their markets, do not think that we are being complacent because we have two markets open. We are concerned for each and every farm and vendor and we are working tirelessly to make space and bring them all back to the markets.

Shoppers, we want to thank you for your continued support. Our market organization appreciates it, our farmers depend on it. Thank you.”

The Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance (NFMA) is a community-based, 501c3 non-profit organization that operates seven farmer/food only markets in Seattle neighborhoods. Their mission is to support and strengthen Washington’s small farms and farming families, as well as the communities they serve. Find out more ways to support Washington farmers through their Good Farmer Fund.