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Middle School Marching Band Performs “Juice” by Lizzo virtually from home

We received this heartwarming Tip at PhinneyWood earlier this week from John Aguilar, Director of Bands at Robert Eagle Staff Middle School. You can access the video via YouTube here.

“I just wanted to share with you a virtual performance that my students did recently of Juice by Lizzo. As you know, we have been out of school for two months now, and along with that comes numerous concerts/festivals/competitions/parades that the students will no longer get to experience this school year.

It is with that in mind that my students decided to come together virtually during these uncertain times, as we try to send the message that music truly is one of the best medicines for the soul and that we can still make music together, although physically apart. We also want to share the message that the love and joy of learning a subject does not necessarily have to only occur in a classroom. I am writing to see if you can help us share our message in hopes of inspiring the community through our music. I hope you enjoy!”