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Thanking our teachers and supporting our local businesses

Several community members have reached out to me to remind us all this is Teacher Appreciation Week and an excellent way to show appreciation while supporting our neighborhood business district is by way of gift certificates. While these may normally seem impersonal, it should be well understood that getting revenue to our struggling businesses is a vital action of support in these times. You can view many of our businesses who offer gift cards on the PhinneyWood Community Connections page.

Since 1984, National PTA has designated the week of May 4th – May 8th as “Teacher Appreciation Week.” This week is a special time to honor the men and women who lend their passion and skills to educating our children.

With the abrupt end to the physical school year, teachers have done even more to continue education with virtual classrooms and learning at home lessons, all to ensure every student has the tools they need to reach their full potential.

It’s in these challenging times that we truly recognize and appreciate how our nation’s educators play such a pivotal role in our children’s lives, inspiring a lifelong love of learning and discovery and making a difference in their well-being and long-term success.

Teachers change the lives of millions of children every day. Their immense work impacts our children’s future, especially during this unforeseen pandemic.

It’s hard to thank a teacher in person due to COVID-19, but you can always email them, create a video message or even upload a throwback picture of you with one of your favorite teachers who might have inspired you in your life.

This message is courtesy of Jeremy Justice. Jeremy is a content creator for Mountain-Top Media. His background includes editing video content, recording/mixing music, and anything involving audio and video production.