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Still need a face mask? Adorn creating free fabric masks for the community

Adorn, our neighborhood’s longtime home furnishings and interior designer shop, have set up a full-scale mask production in their storefront at 7002 Greenwood Ave N. Owner Renate Ruby has procured donations from friends and colleagues and are offering these masks free of charge to community members who come by the shop and ask for one.

There is a table outside and fabric patterns in the window for people to select from. You can fill out a request form, drop it into the mailbox, and Adorn will contact you to pick them up when they are finished, using curbside pick-up as allowed in Phase 1 of Governor Inslee’s plan.

Hours for this will generally be Monday-Saturday, 10am – 5pm. Renate recommends that people call or text to confirm we are here if they are driving over. 206.499.6220. If you’re in the neighborhood, just drop by! You can learn more here, as well as view fabrics and the request form.

These are not masks for medical use – they are a supplement to social distancing and an added barrier for us all to use just in case we are a carrier of the virus.

Adorn will steam iron every mask before putting into a new sandwich bag, ready for pick up. It is recommended you use a steam iron on your mask every time you come home. It may not be realistic to wash masks every time they are worn, but a good steaming from an iron set to high heat should sterilize the mask and make it ready to use again. Workplaces can also set up an iron and ironing board to be used to sterilize fabric masks throughout the day as a precaution.