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Please share news from the neighborhood with the PhinneyWood Blog!

In this time of social distancing and business district upheaval, the PhinneyWood Blog is producing a new neighborhood round-up feature to better connect us, highlight the positivity, and bring clarity to what’s happening with our local businesses. The intent is to encourage people to support their community and the best ways they can go about that through business/charity, while still remaining safe from going out if you don’t have to.

There is an easy online submission form here

Good things to share:
1. Business district changes, updates, experiences, changes of hours and raves
2. Happenings in the community, like Sensory Sidewalks from the Kong Academy
3. Positive stories, like a street coming together to honor their mail carrier

Things to not share:
1. Lost items/pets (NextDoor is ideal for this)
2. Nothing about the government, complaints, etc.