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PhinneyWood Round-Up – April 29th – Phinney Books and Woodland Park Zoo

It’s hard for us all to keep up with everything going on these days. PhinneyWood is here to help you stay up to date on some of the latest happenings around the neighborhood.

While Independent Bookstore Day was originally slated to be this past Saturday, April 25th, Phinney Books wants everyone to know that the make-up day has been scheduled for August 29th in hopes that everyone is able to get together at that time. In the meantime, do check out their online shop, Instagram, and Facebook pages for your latest needs and updates. You can also email them at [email protected] to place any orders as well.

For all you Woodland Park Zoo lovers, while the zoo remains closed, all of its staff members have remained employed and care for the nearly 1,000 animals continues. The zoo would like to thank the more than 2,000 donors that have donated over $470,000 thus far. These donations will allow the zoo to feed the animals and supports the payroll of eight keepers for four months! If you would like to help contribute to the zoo’s efforts, you can do so here.

Have some news that you need to share with the community, feel free to reach out so we can spread the word! There is an easy online submission form here.