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Sensory Integration Sidewalks: fun and challenge during distancing

Since we can’t travel far, our sidewalks have become an opportunity to connect with nature and our neighbors. Kong Academy is partnering with the Phinney Neighborhood Association to show Seattlites how to turn sidewalks into movement challenges. Start making your own sidewalk plans and get ready for a full-on neighborhood Sidewalk Adventures Day on May 3!

We encourage everyone in the neighborhood and in Seattle to turn a piece of the sidewalk in front of their house or apartment building into something that they and their neighbors can use as an opportunity for movement, education, and play.

Maybe that means creating a fun game of hopscotch, or perhaps you have an inspirational message to share with your neighbors. If you’re into science, you could share a drawing of the solar system so parents could use it to educate their children. We hope this will inspire our neighbors to get out and move while keeping up with the social distancing guidelines we need to succeed

You can learn more and see examples here.