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Farm fresh products are available for pick up here in Phinney

Burton Hill Farm of Vashon Island, which specializes in pasture-raised animals fed an organic and non-GMO diet, is delivering their products to Phinney during the Covid shutdown. The farm is owned by legendary PNA Executive Director Ed Medeiros’ youngest son Collin and his wife Rebecca.

Shop their products online for next day pick up at our farm, or have delivered to Phinney while the markets are closed.

For pick-up at the above locations at check-out please change the “fulfillment status” to DELIVERY, and write PHINNEY as your address, to let us know where you’d like to pick up your order. Delivery will be scheduled when the farm gets enough orders to bring it over.

This week at the farmstand and online:

  • Cabrito – fresh for roasting, these goat kids are delicious when braised, barbequed, or baked with light seasoning. $50 each. To order, reply to this email to pick up fresh this week.
  • Chevrewe have lots of chevre for you, since, you know, no markets…
  • St. Benedict’s Blue – mild and sweet. Pair with quince marmalade and pork.
  • Goat Feta – the island staple.
  • Florette – coming soon! Into the cheese cave it goes today, to be ready in 2-3 weeks.
  • Bacon, sausage, chops, roasts, ribs, tenderloin, and ground pork, lard, and pork bonesNow available at our farmstand all the time.
  • Pork shares – August 2020 harvest shares are almost sold out, October shares are open.
  • Quince Marmalade – to serve with chevre or blue cheese, or topped on Cheesecake.
  • Goat Milk Soap– our soap is very moisturizing and won’t dry out your skin (as much as some other soaps:) with all this handwashing.