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Donate your N95 masks to hospitals and nursing homes

Do you have N95 respirator masks? Donate them to the Seattle Mask Brigade! This volunteer group is collecting masks (and other personal protective equipment) from around the Seattle area and delivering them to hospitals and nursing homes that are running out.

You may have purchased N95 masks during the smokey summer a few years ago, or to handle fumes for various projects. Or maybe you have nitrile gloves, hand sanitizer, or surgical masks lying around. Please consider donating them to nurses, doctors, first responders, and health care aids so we can keep them healthy and safe.

The need is critical. Even with PPE shipments arriving from the federal government, workers at hospitals, nursing homes, EMS services, and homeless services are having to reuse masks for days or use makeshift masks. You can help them!

Seattle Mask Brigade volunteers will pick up supplies from your porch and deliver them to healthcare facilities, usually within a day. In just a few weeks, the Seattle Mask Brigade has collected and distributed over 8,000 masks from more than 500 different donations.

Have masks and supplies to donate? Interested in volunteering to help out? Does your workplace need masks? Visit seattlemaskbrigade.org.