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Seattle Mask Brigade looking for your unused respirator masks for healthcare and social service communities

The Seattle Mask Brigade is a very small group of volunteers attempting to fill the temporary need for N-95 respirator masks in our hard working healthcare and social service communities. Masks are in very short supply in many area hospitals and nursing homes.

You may have purchased some of these masks to handle smoke during previous year’s fires, or to handle fumes for various projects. Please consider passing these to some of the nurses, doctors, and health care aids who are in need, so we can keep them healthy and safe. The Seattle Mask Brigade has collected over 3000 masks, and is still looking for more.

If you have unused N-95 masks to donate that you would like picked up, and live in the Seattle area, please click here: https://forms.gle/qq1bq4BJ8JzZ7ki88

  • If you have sealed masks, please consider using the larger organizations above to donate! They will have more infrastructure than we do.
  • We are currently collecting from the greater Seattle area only — it is hard to arrange pick-ups beyond ~20-25 min of downtown Seattle, but if you can drop off within range, we can take over from there.
  • We are taking unused masks in good condition. Sealed is better but we have organizations that will accept unused but open.
  • Please wash your hands vigorously with soap for 20-30 seconds before handling masks or your donation.
  • If you have unused masks but in opened packages, please leave a note with your masks in a bag (1) verifying that they’ve not been used and (2) any expiration date you can find so that health care teams can decide on the appropriate level of risk.
  • If you requested a pick-up and it didn’t happen, please re-request it. We’ve had a few cases where there was no way to enter a building, or where we did not have needed contact info, or the donation was too far out of area for us to get to.
  • We send people out for pickup usually by 9am. If you donate after that time, we will most likely get it the next day.