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Couth Buzzard launches GoFundMe to offset event losses

Couth Buzzard Books, a neighborhood fixture of resiliency and community in our neighborhood for over 30 years, has launched a GoFundMe to help offset “significant” revenue losses from canceled events and food sales.

Owner Theo Dzielak reports that having to postpone and cancel community events and musical performances has reduced traffic to dangerous lows. While engaging in outreach to the property owner and various City relief programs, Dzielak is focused on retaining his employees and keeping his iconic bookstore open through the Covid-19 public gathering restrictions.

“Our business motto captures the essence of Couth Buzzard Books. We are so much more than a bookstore: we also are a cafe, performance space, and most importantly, a key community gathering hub for North Seattle. For over 30 years, The Couth Buzzard has served the diverse needs of our surrounding communities, overcoming many setbacks, hardships and challenges to become the popular multipurpose neighborhood facility we are today.”

Other ways to help the Couth Buzzard include bringing your kids by to browse and buy books (with the Library closed, this is a great option), and buying gift cards for future purchases or gifts.