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Sweet stories from Woodland Park Zoo to brighten your day

You may have heard that Woodland Park Zoo will be closed to the public through March 31, 2020 to help slow the spread of coronovirus in our community. Even though they are closed, the animals continue to receive exceptional care from dedicated animal keepers every day, thanks to supporters like you. We wanted to take a moment to bring you these sweet stories because we know you love and care for animals as much as we do.

Sarah, a trumpeter swan found by wildlife rescuers on Whidbey Island last summer, was rescued after flying into power lines. It was determined from a veterinary exam that Sarah had a broken wing, was dehydrated, underweight and tested for low levels of lead poisoning.

Cygmond, a male trumpeter swan, recently came to Seattle from Kansas City Zoo to be a companion for Sarah. Together, they made their debut in a pond in the Temperate Forest habitat.

Though they could treat Sarah and help her heal, wildlife experts at Whatcom Humane Society’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center determined that the extent of her injuries would diminish her chances of survival in the wild. This is where supporters like you come in!

Because of donors like you, Woodland Park Zoo is able to offer animals like Sarah a safe home. Both Sarah and Cygmond arrived in December, spent their first few months bonding in a quiet spot behind the scenes and are getting along rather… swimmingly.

Eventually we hope that Sarah and Cygmond will be able to produce offspring together. If that happens there is potential that their babies—called cygnets—could be released into North American habitat areas where ongoing species recovery programs are in place. Until then, we’re happy Sarah has recovered and that she and Cygmond are bonding. Thank you for making a difference for animals like Sarah!