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Purchase and sale agreement signed for imperiled Ballard P-Patch

The beloved Ballard P-Patch, which has been under the threat of development for more than a year, has agreed to a Purchase and Sale Agreement for the property that Our Redeemers Lutheran Church is selling. This officially begins the process of protecting the half acre of open space from development. The ultimate aim would be to convert the property to a conservation easement, securing it as garden space in perpetuity.

With the agreement in place, the P-Patch can now secure a loan to make the $1.95 million purchase, closing in July. They would then have about 2 years to pay off the loan from a combination of public and private funds. Save Ballard P-Patch fundraising continues, but now with a concrete plan and timeframe, and a specific amount – about $450,000 expected from individual donations.

You can help! Thanks to a matching grant from Groundswell NW, Ballard P-Patch donations made between now and March 31 will be matched, up to $5,000. You can donate here.

Also, on March 17 – St Patrick’s Day – Populuxe Brewery is hosting a fund-raiser for the campaign. $1 per pint sold will be donated and the Ballard gnomes will be on hand to talk about the project as well as selling t-shirts and pint glasses.