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School tours for new local bilingual school tomorrow and Thursday

Seattle Amistad School, which fosters diversity, inclusion and native language, expanded to Greenwood in September 2018. Amistad is a non-profit school with a mission of social justice.

Amistad North wants to invest in children from their first stages of development and continue the bicultural education as they grow to compassionate and engaged citizens.

The Amistad School model focuses on independent, two-way language immersion. Students speak in both Spanish and English. Right now, kids at 1 year old through 1st grade are attending the Amistad North school. Every year the school grows one grade until they reach 5th grade.

Amistad Central followed this model until graduating its first class of 5th graders one year ago. The school leaders saw a growing demand for this model of language and inclusion, and decided to open a second location.

“It is very important for us to stand behind the idea of keeping native language as a human right.,” said Amistad North Director Paula Mejia.

The school’s leaders aren’t just reaching out to native Spanish speakers. They want to invite other families to take part in the experience.

“We want to offer the community an opportunity where all students are able to navigate both their own cultural contexts, and those of others,” Mejia said. “We know that children who have the tools to bridge cultural and linguistic divides will be leaders in creating a more just, compassionate world.”

Seattle Amistad School North – 9218 Greenwood Ave N
Tuesday, January 7 tour in English – 10:00 am – reserve a spot here
Tuesday, January 7 tour in Spanish – 2:00 pm – reserve a spot here
Thursday, January 9 tour in Spanish – 10:00 am – reserve a spot here
Thursday, January 9 tour in English – 2:00 pm – reserve a spot here